wireless concealment

Wireless Concealment

Got Something to Hide?

Camouflage your antennas and improve the environmental landscape. We strive to be the leader of quality antenna concealment solutions for the wireless industry for many years to come, serving today’s largest communications carriers as they conceal cellular and tower equipment, cabling, antenna, and infrastructure. CellTech is helping to transform unattractive cell towers into part of the scenery. Camouflaging cell towers and equipment helps keep both the neighbors and the cell users happy.

Our aesthetically pleasing concealment designs include: Screen-walls, Rooftop Enclosures, Penthouses, Cupolas, Louvers, Church Steeples, Decretive Architectural Facades, Antenna Boxes and many more. Our extensive product line offers a disguised solution for any wireless carrier, landlord, zoning board, community, etc.

Priding ourselves on our high quality custom FRP Projects, our well qualified, knowledgeable team of professionals deliver on time and exceeds client expectations. Our goal is to help you design and install a great looking, long-lasting, easy to install Concealment System for your cell site projects.

Trust the experts who excel in Radio Frequency Concealment!